We're proud to announce that Goto has been formally recognised by States of Jersey and DVS as a booking entity. This makes Goto the only fully-regulated island-wide taxi app to support in-app card payments!

The Goto platform required no modifications to receive approval, and as part of this process DVS has certified our in-app meter as meeting the same standards as Digitax meters.

We'd like to reassure users, drivers and dispatchers that this is a regulatory change, and has no impact on the day-to-day operations of the app.

Even though we've been formally recognised, we will not be allowing drivers to affiliate to us directly (at this time).

Booking entities are responsible for the training of drivers who affiliate to them. As a technology company, we don't have the manpower to train drivers personally, and running a taxi company isn't what we started Goto to accomplish.

Instead, we'll shortly be announcing a partnership with another local taxi company. They'll be the recommended dispatch for drivers who want to change their affiliation to use Goto. In return, they'll be responsible for the training of new drivers, and Goto will be the primary method to book jobs with them.

How do I join Goto?
Any licensed taxi driver can join Goto for free, and accept any of the jobs that come through the app. The signup process is quick, and there are no monthly fees. To get started, search "goto driver" on your app store or by clicking here.

I'm a dispatcher, can I still join Goto?
Sure! Any local dispatcher is welcome on our platform. There is no preferential treatment across dispatchers – jobs are routed based on the distance from pickup and time since last job.

Dispatchers get in-app branding, card payments, marketing materials and analytics tools, all included free. You can find out more here, or email us to get started.

What tariffs will be used?
The private hire tariff for directly affiliated drivers is rank tariff (0% booking fee).

However, as drivers cannot affiliate directly yet, the effective tariffs when booking through Goto remain the same – dependant on the dispatcher of the drivers currently online. When requesting a ride, please check the estimated fare for tariff information.